DAY Seven -

And, finally, for Day 7, I’ve come full circle……. after all the jumping and dressage with the most memorable horses a girl could ever have, and after working overseas in Ireland with a special family and wonderful horses, I’m back to my original roots of riding western - Cowboy Dressage to be exact - like I was doing on Day One of this challenge. Before moving to Scotland I had a “bevy of beautiful buckskins” to ride with Prado and Dancer (I really didn’t look for the color it just happened). I was also lucky enough to ride a customer's horse - Whiskey - who was in training, and who I took to a 5 day intensive Cowboy Dressage Camp with Eitan Beth Halachmy (the founder of Cowboy Dressage) in April of this year (2017).

Prado was my third in a lifetime special horse, and it was really hard to have to give him up to make the move to Scotland.  He was an Azteca gelding (Andalusian/Quarter Horse cross).  You could touch the hair on his sides, and he'd react - such a sensitive, and yet sensible guy.

Prado and I did a garrocha freestyle 6 weeks after I purchased him. He was so nervous he could hardly see straight, but he listened and held it together. I always knew that I could totally trust this horse.
Photo by Lee Folino

You can see the video of our performance by clicking this photo.

Photo by Lee Folino

Dancer was my little Morgan mare who I started when she was 5 yrs old, and who was a hoot to ride.  What a character!!  And so pretty - I called her "Princess Prissy Pants"

One of her all time favorite things to do was to push cows around.

Always the trouble maker!  But she was so cute it was hard to get mad at her.

Then, my last fun horse to ride before leaving California was Whiskey, a fun and talented quarter horse.   Such a talented and sweet boy.


Whiskey was well on his way to becoming a great Cowboy Dressage horse when I left, to add to all his other talents.  

So thanks for joining me on this little saunter down "Memory Lane".  My life with horses has been one big adventure, and I plan to continue learning from, having fun with and going on more adventures with these great creatures.   I hope you enjoyed it!  

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