DAY Six -

Day 6 brings me to my other “once in a lifetime horse”, my black Hungarian Lipizzan stallion Siglavy XI-6 - aka “Jozsef”. I was lucky enough to go to Hungary and purchase him as an unstarted 3 yr old in the fall of 1995, and he arrived 6 months later (what a saga) in California. He was another phenomenal presence in my life. He sired many purebred and crossbred babies, and was a favorite at exhibitions and shows wherever he went.  
Unfortunately, possibly due to an injury as a youngster, he developed a ligamentous instability in his neck, and had to have spinal fusion surgery while in his teens. He lived quite a few more happy years, but finally had to be put down at the young age of 18. What a time we had while he was here at Blue Fountain Farm, though - I will never forget him!

One of his many ads while standing at stud

This image, taken off a video, is the first time I ever saw him in Hungary - it was love at first sight. He floated across the courtyard!

He was in the main stud barn in a tie stall with other stallions - the standard way of housing horses in Hungary.

Just one month after his arrival, and only about 2 weeks after I got him started under saddle we put on the "Gold Country Horse Festival" to present Jozsef. We had 1000 people show up that day! He was so cool, and loved crowds so much, that even though he'd only been riddden for 2 weeks, I knew I could ride him in front of the crowd!

Schooling at home.

He had such a great work ethic - he always gave it his all.

He was great on the trails, could pull a carriage, move cattle,loved to jump - your basic all round type horse in a gorgeous, black package!

He wasn't above giving me some lip!

All you had to do, once he was taught to piaffe, was "kiss", and he'd go right in to it.

More piaffe in a beautiful setting.

And he loved his kids, as well. Josef with his orphaned son, Siegfried.

Loved my boy!

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