DAY Four -

Now to the meat of why this horse, Moses, was so incredible - jumping. He was a jumping machine! I was just a dumb kid who kicked and went, and he probably liked it that way - I basically just stayed out of his way. He would jump any thing from anywhere, and he could go FAST as well! There will never be another like him.....

This was our first class "A"  show at Indio, Ca. - and I was scared spitless! This fence was the second in a line of two, and where we were supposed to take 5 strides (who counted strides back then?)............ we took 4.  And, yes, we did clear it!

Again, talk about heart - a couple of weeks before the Grand National at Cow Palace he had tripped lunging and opened up his knee. That didn't stop him!

One of his wins at the Cow Palace.

To say he had heart is an understatement - he always gave it his all. This was in Santa Rosa, Ca.

Our infamous 7' puissance wall!

The last fence of a jump off at the Grand National at Cow Palace - fast and high!

I don't have any action photos of us, but here we are in Mexico representing the USA in Grand Prix competition.  I'm th one holding the USA sign.   What an experience that was - both good and bad! Long story - ask me sometime!

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