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DAY Three-

Now on to my once in a lifetime horse - Lucky Moment - aka "Moses". I bought him off the race track for $400 - he was nine yrs old and had raced for 6 years. Within 4 years I had offers of over $20K for him, which was a lot of money for a horse back in the 70s!  

He LOVED to jump and didn't know the word "No" when it came to jumps. He was ewe- necked, lop eared, narrow chested, splay footed, cowhocked and only 16.1H, but damn, could he jump!  These are images from when I first got him.

Me on Moses when I first got him, and my sister, Wendy, on Chiquita.

Our first horse show - we later figured out how to keep weight on him. This was at the old Potomac West, which is now Brookside.

A bit more polish, and starting our career of winning blues everywhere we went.