DAY Two-

These next images are of my very first horse, "Chiquita" a little 14H Mustang/QH, who I got when I was almost 15 yrs old. I bought her for $185 dollars from a Safeway bulletin board.  

Even though I was first exposed to horses on a cattle ranch, I always wanted to jump - so without ever having had a lesson, I taught her how to jump. And jump she could! 

Can we say "Geeky?" But you have to start somewhere!

This is me on Chiquita in our back yard on our 1/2 acre lot in the suburbs. I made a jump and used an irrigation pipe as the pole. I'm in a bareback pad and, though you can't see it, the jump is 4' high - she could have gone under it. I just grabbed on around her neck, and away we went!

Jumping at a Pony Club show at the old Buckeye Ranch in Lafayette, Ca.   As long as the jumps weren't too wide, she was impossible to beat - she could jump high and go fast!

I was even a part of a drill team - the Buckeye Centaurs. We did most everything at a run!

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