A bit about my life equine - In May of 2016 I was the first person to bring the hot, new venue of riding - Cowboy Dressage - to Scotland.  It was received with rave reviews, and I intend to continue teaching this method of soft feel.  If you are interested in more information about Cowboy Dressage, you can go to this web site - www.cowboydressage.com

I also teach and train dressage, which I love when it, too, is done with a soft hand.


 Many moons ago I competed in Grand Prix level jumping, and, though I'm too "old" to ride it anymore, I can still teach it.

Who I Am

I wear many hats, but primarily I am a horse trainer/riding instructor as well as a photographer.  I ran my own equestrian facility, Blue Fountain Farm, in Grass Valley Calif, for 25 years.  I still own and run Blue Fountain Photography - where I mostly specialize in equine and human portraits.   I also "shoot" weddings, other events and generally just walk around taking lots of pictures.  You can see some of my photographic work at my other web site by clicking here -


I made the jump from California to Scotland for a couple of reasons...... 1) to be with my sister, Becca, and her husband, John, who are re-locating to be with three of their adult daughters who live in Edinburgh. And 2) I am also looking forward to going into "semi-retirement"  doing both my equestrian pursuits (on a much lesser scale than before), and continuing with my photographic endeavors.  Running my 40 acre ranch in California with anywhere from 35 - 80 (yes, 80!) horses has certainly been a 24/7 proposition for all those years, and I will enjoy a life with a little less responsibility.

I've have been very fortunate to have studied with, as well as hosted at my ranch in California, a host of exceptionally talented, and sometimes legendary, horsemen.  Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Joe Wolters, Jeff Sanders, and Richard Winters have all been to Blue Fountain Farm and I was lucky enough to study and ride with all of them.  I honed my horsemanship and colt starting skills with these gentlemen.  


Eitan Beth Halachmy - the originator of Cowboy Dressage, has not only conducted clinics at my ranch, he is a good friend and former neighbor, and I spent time at and participated in his Cowboy Dressage Camps.  I learned everything Cowboy Dressage - soft feel, riding the court, honoring the "Code of the West" handshake - from him.


My primary Dressage coach was Claus Bergener from Germany.   Claus is like a second father to me - he came to Blue Fountain Farm several times a year for over 20 years!  Claus' method of dressage also took into consideration the horse, and letting their beauty and talent shine through, instead of over- manipulating and forcing them. 


My initial love, jumping, was learned under the skillful guidance of Chris Borba of Tailgate Farm in Northern California.  I was lucky enough to own an almost freakily talented off the track thoroughbred at the time, and Chris, Moses (my horse) and I made a great team.  I was honored to represent the USA in Grand Prix competition in Mexico one year, and, as well as achieving many championships, Moses and I conquered the 7' (2.13 meters) Puissance wall.   Those were the days!

As well as the above mentors and teachers, I was a member of Pony Club when I was younger, and then co-started and instructed the Northern Mines Pony Club at  my ranch for many years later in life. 

Over my many years of working with horses, and with the many wonderful teachers I've been privileged to work with, I've learned a lot about our equine friends, and also about those of us who work with them.  I'd love nothing more than to be able to share that knowledge with you and your horse.  Check my services page to see if you think I can help you  and/or your horse continue on your journey to softness and togetherness.

Phone - 07511471879

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Schooling the warmblood "Westin"